Day 3: The Writer is Writing…?

How does a person start writing again?

Does she sit quietly at her computer, screen glowing in the dark? Does she wake up early for her morning commute and stare sleepily out the train window? Does she write during breaks, during lunchtimes, during stolen moments of the day?

I wish I knew. Because that certainly hasn’t been me.

An eon came and went and even as my digital life has been gathering dust, my physical life has been picking up speed. I’m busy with a new job at a small PR and Marketing firm and I can’t tell you how much I enjoy it. I’ve already learned so much and I’m so eager to learn more.

In the works:

  • Review of The Word Exchange by Alena Graedon (2014 Doubleday)
  • Review of Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson (2017 Tor)
  • Think Piece Thursday 12.21
  • Obscure Words and Where to Find Them
  • Commentary on the new Hulu show Runaways

Anyways, I’m going to be posting more regularly here, and I’d love to get to know some fellow bloggers and find more interesting content to follow. So feel free to stop by and introduce yourself in the comments and we can get to know each other more!



Hello! This is Sarah. What can I say? I love books. I love writing. But really I just love stories.

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