The Queen’s Thief Series

—some thoughts on The Queen’s Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner….warning, there be spoilers ahead.

Now that I’m re-reading the sei reminds me a great deal of Ann Leckie’s work. In the way that the reader is often left to interpret the actions and thoughts of the characters. A more active style of reading.Turner’s writing has a simplicity and depth I wish I could replicate. She, like her characters, somehow manages to be elusive and revealing all at once. And her style forces you to read carefully, to pay close attention to each and every word.

Eugenides himself is one of my favorite characters and although I’m sad not to have another book from his perspective, I understand why. The magic, the reveal of his personality, is all spent. The joke’s no longer on us, the readers. It’s on all of the other people around him (*cough Costis cough*).

And Irene, oh sweet Irene. She’s still the most mysterious to me somehow. I hope that in future books we’ll see more of her, not just Attolia.

Because I love Attolia, I do, but seeing the girl behind the queen somehow makes her story even more beautiful.

And Costis, naturally. I think his book, The King of Attolia, is at the top of my list. I don’t own it for some inexplicable reason (maybe because my subconsious was waiting for those new beautiful editions to be released), but I must’ve re-read it and listened to the audiobook half a dozen times by now. And if you haven’t listened to the audio version, add it to your list. The narrator catches Costis’ inner drama-queen so perfectly! And Gen’s voice–so great.

With the recent release of Thick as Thieves, the books kept percolating in the back of my mind. Thick as Thieves was wonderful, but it kind of just made me yearn even more to know what was happening back in Attolia and Eddis. Here’s to waiting for the next book.

The Thief

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